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Introduction to Medical Bioethics

  • GMS 6873 Introduction to Medical Bioethics


    Medical Bioethics provides students with a very intensive review of the dynamic field of Bioethics in the areas of medical practice and research. Online lectures presented by various experts as well as the recommended readings, offer students the opportunity to learn about many biomedical ethics issues facing our nation and world and the impact of these issues in medicine and research. This course conveys the importance of the integrated and collaborative research and professionalism that one can expect to encounter within the health care and scientific communities. This course will hopefully be one of the many educational experiences that prepare undergraduates for professional studies in the medical sciences.

    Purpose of course

    The purpose of this course is to allow students to thoughtfully consider current issues in medical bioethics in an environment where communication is open and free. Students are encouraged to work with the course coordinator and each other to explore all sides of each topic presented to allow for an enriching experience for all students.

    Course goals/objectives

    By the end of the course, students will be able to:

    • Construct thoughtful opinion papers regarding current issues in medical bioethics
    • Critically evaluate the positions of all parties involved in the medical decision making process
    • Be knowledgeable and respectful of cross-cultural opinions of medical bioethics

    Communicate effectively with patients and other health care providers regarding bioethical issues in the workplace


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    Module Topic
    Week 1 Course Introduction and Syllabus
    Week 2 Principles of Bioethics Philosophy
    Week 3 IRB Regulations of Human Participation
    Week 4 Religious and Multicultural Values
    Week 5 Research Papers
    Week 6 Beginning Life Issues (Abortion & Stem Cells)
    Week 7 End-of-Life Issues (PAS & Euthanasia)
    Week 8 Organ Donation and Procurement
    Week 9 Clinical Communication
    Week 10 Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment
    Extra credit 1 Medical Emancipation

    The syllabus for this course can be found here.

    Required Materials:

    No Textbooks are required for this class.

    Tuition: $1,725

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