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Introduction to Medicine and the Law

  • GMS 6874 Introduction to Medicine and the Law


    Introduction to Medicine and the Law provides students with insight into some of the many interactions between these two professions. This course will be helpful for those pursuing a career in health or law. Online lectures are presented by practicing attorneys and physicians. Along with the lectures, directed readings give students the opportunity to explore the fields. This course focuses on the United States.

    Educational Philosophy

    Lectures and readings provide students with an overview of each topic. Students participate in discussion to explore different viewpoints on each issue. Mastery of knowledge is assessed with quizzes, a book assignment, evaluation of a real case involving mixed legal-medical-environmental issues, and a final. TA’s are a part of the course. All grades are assigned by the Course Coordinator.


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    Module Topic
    Lesson 1 Introduction to Court Systems and the Origins of Drug and Alcohol Laws
    Lesson 2 The Right to Die
    Lesson 3 The Effect of Legal Cases on the Medical Practice
    Lesson 4 Introduction to Medicine and Health
    Lesson 5 Impact and Legacy of Medicine and Law
    Lesson 6 Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

    Required Materials:

    No Textbooks are required for this class.

    Tuition: $1,725

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