Matthew Myers, M.S., MPA

“A key strength of this program is it can be used by a lot of people of very different backgrounds.”

Matthew Myers, M.S., MPA

UF Clinical Toxicology program

Avani Shukla, M.S., CCRP, EMT

Why did you choose this program?

“First, I took Intro to Clinical Toxicology to see if this was really something of interest to me. It was great that it was online because that meant I could continue to be home and continue to work at my two positions, Clinical Research Coordinator and Patient Care Technician Emergency Medicine, while being able to learn about a fascinating area. I also choose this program because of how unique it is both in topic and structure.”

What has been the most useful takeaway that you have applied to your day-to-day responsibilities?

“The most useful takeaway has been self-discipline and time-management. The program really taught me the meaning and the power of self-discipline and time-management which I apply every day to be successful at my current jobs.”

“The experiences and knowledge shared were instrumental in my learning. I was surprised by the amount of case-based learning that was involved; it really helped me understand the material better since it was being applied in a real-life situation.”

Avani Shukla, M.S., CCRP, EMT

UF Clinical Toxicology program graduate

Chris Bates-Withers, M.S.

What was/is your takeaway of the online learning format?

“The online learning format was an excellent fit for me professional development needs. I needed a program that I could complete while working full-time at a position with demanding and sometimes unpredictable hours. The online learning format allowed me to complete my coursework on my own time, rather than being obligated to a specific classroom/lecture schedule.”

Has the program helped you in your current job?

“I have been able to provide more meaningful and hands-on toxicologic management for patients in my ICU. In addition, there is substantial overlap between the fields of pharmacology and toxicology, and I have found that because of my toxicology training I am a more conscientious and informed prescriber. This has allowed me to engage in more meaningful discussion with our hospital pharmacists about drug interactions, management of off-target effects, and drug-disease interactions.”

“UF’s Clinical Toxicology Program was the only program that met my needs for scheduling and flexibility, so it was the only program I considered.”

Chris Bates-Withers, M.S.

UF Clinical Toxicology program graduate

Emma Jean Boley, Dr.PH., M.Pharm., M.S.

Why did you choose UF’s Clinical Toxicology Online Graduate Program?

” I applied to UF’s Clinical Toxicology program because it was not only afforded, but I was able to work as a full-time clinical scientist while raising a son and continue my education. The flexibility in the course schedules, the learning objectives and case studies were extremely attractive and influenced by decision to enroll as a graduate student. Initially, I earned a certificate in Clinical Toxicology and eventually a Master in Pharmacy with emphasis in Pharmaceutical Sciences .”

What surprised you most about the program?

“The case studies on poisoned patients were surprisingly relevant to my work and had scenarios similar to what we faced in our clinical setting. These studies helped me understand how to address these situations at work. I was also surprised of the diversity among students. Some had clinical while others had non-clinical backgrounds. They brought invaluable life and work experiences. The faculty members were seasoned pharmaceutical and toxicology experts and were well respected in their various fields.”

“Reach out to the professors when you need help, they are all wonderful in helping students understand concepts, expectations and will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals for this program.”

Emma Jean Boley, Dr.PH., M.Pharm., M.S..

Teaching Assistant for Epidemiology and Biostatistics