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Certificate Admissions

  • Certificate General Information

    Upon successful completion of the courses required for the certificate program, students will receive a University of Florida certificate from the college in their chosen specialty. Each certificate consists of 15 credits. Students must earn a B average to be eligible to earn the certificate.

    Students wishing to subsequently pursue a master's degree at the University of Florida after completing a certificate will then need to apply for admission to the graduate school and take the GRE exam. Please see the MS program requirements and application for further information.

    Certificate Minimum Requirements

    Certificate Minimum Requirements: For All (Domestic and International) Applicants

    1. A baccalaureate degree in a science subject from an accredited institution. If your bachelor's degree is not in a natural science subject, please email Dr. Oliver Grundmann at
    2. An upper-division GPA of 2.0 or higher. To calculate what your upper-division GPA is, please use the Upper Division GPA Worksheet.

    Additional Certificate Minimum Requirements: For International Applicants Only

    1. The English language skill requirements for admission

    Six credits of coursework taken as a UF nondegree student can be applied toward a certificate program. Coursework from another university cannot be accepted for credit toward a certificate. No more than six credits taken as a nondegree student can be applied towards a certificate.

    In order for the credits to be applied towards the certificate, the following criteria have to be met:

    • The student must be formally admitted to the certificate program.
    • The nondegree coursework grades must be a B grade or higher.
    • The coursework taken as a nondegree student must pertain to the certificate program the student is admitted to.

    Application Information

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