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Nondegree Admissions

  • This option is available for students who would like to experience graduate level classes while making a decision to pursue either a graduate certificate or a MS or who would like to broaden their knowledge base of forensic sciences to enhance their professional development. If a student registers for three credits during a particular term as a nondegree student and wishes to attend another term for three credits, a new nondegree application is required each term. The nondegree application only pertains to the term in which it is submitted.

    For the nondegree student, grades will be given and held on a transcript, but will not be counted toward a degree, including the certificate, at the University of Florida until full admission is granted. At that time, up to six credits accumulated in this status--where the student earned a "B" grade or better and the course(s) taken count toward the program in which they were accepted--will be petitioned to count toward the certificate or MS program the student was accepted into.

    Enrollment in a course as a nondegree student does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Students need to meet the entrance requirements for the program they wish to enter.

    Please review the non-degree minimum requirements before applying by clicking the 'requirements' tab above.

    Please be aware that non-degree coursework will not show UF credit earned on the UF transcript. Therefore, when you complete the course and it is listed on your official transcript, Grade Points, Earned Hours, and Hours Carried will read zero. Those fields are only completed for UF degree seeking students.

    Nondegree Minimum Requirements

    For All (Domestic and International) Applicants

    1. A baccalaureate degree in a science subject from an accredited institution. If your bachelor's degree is not in a natural science subject, please email Dr. Oliver Grundmann at
    2. An upper-division GPA of 2.0 (C grade) or better. To calculate what your upper-division GPA is, please use the following form: PDF Document Icon Upper Division GPA Worksheet.

    Additional Nondegree Minimum Requirements: For International Students Only

    1. The English language skill requirements for admission


    • A maximum of six credits can be taken as a nondegree seeking student.
    • A student who is already admitted to the University of Florida needs to contact us before an application is submitted.

    Application Information

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