Herbal and Dietary Supplements
PHA 6357 Herbal and Dietary Supplements

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This is a 3-credit course.


The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida offers a course in herbal and dietary supplements to healthcare professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in this growing field. The course covers the most important and commonly used herbal and dietary supplements currently on the market and provides up-to-date information including:

  • Description of plant or natural resources used as herbal or dietary supplements
  • Traditional uses and history
  • Clinical use
  • Recommended Dose
  • Pharmacology and proposed mechanism(s) of action
  • Adverse effects, potential drug interactions, and advice for use during pregnancy
  • Additional links to important resources

This course is offered entirely online and specifically designed for healthcare professionals such as:

  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Nurses


Module Topic
Module 1 Definitions and drug extraction procedures
Module 2 St. John’s wort and other antidepressant herbal and dietary supplements
Module 3 Kava kava and other anxiolytic supplements
Module 4 Valerian and other sleep-inducing herbal remedies
Module 5 Ginkgo and other neuroprotective supplements
Module 6 Case studies I
Module 7 Black cohosh and other supplements for menstrual irregularities
Module 8 Saw palmetto and other supplements for Men’s health
Module 9 Ginseng and other CNS and weight loss supplements
Module 10 Bilberry and other supplements for circulatory disorders
Module 11 Supplements for other disorders
Module 12 Case studies II

If you have additional questions about the content of this course, please contact the course instructor, Oliver Grundmann (grundman@ufl.edu), Clinical Assistant Professor.

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