Introduction to Clinical Toxicology
PHA 6556 Introduction to Clinical Toxicology

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This is a 3-credit course.


This 3-credit course, which is based on written modules, is structured to comprehensively provide the student with the fundamental concepts of clinical toxicology. Specifically, basic methods and procedures commonly employed in Clinical Toxicology are introduced and explained as well as the concept of Clinical Toxicology as an interdisciplinary science within the field of healthcare. We aim to supplement this information with frequent case studies, detailed module objectives and critical thinking exercises using online journal articles and assignments for each module.


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  1. Define the basic principles and methods of clinical toxicology,
  2. Explain why clinical toxicology has a long standing history and how it applies to various fields as an interdisciplinary science,
  3. Describe what a toxic syndrome is,
  4. Explain the basic principles of managing a poisoned or overdosed patient,
  5. Apply basic concepts of laboratory testing principles,
  6. Identify and apply the basic concepts of toxicokinetics,
  7. Describe the concept of differing toxic effects depending on the route of administration,
  8. Differentiate the processes involved in liberation and absorption of toxicants into the body,
  9. Apply the basic principles involved in distribution and elimination of toxicants, and
  10. Distinguish the approaches utilized to prevent absorption and enhance elimination of toxicants.
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Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction and history of clinical toxicology
Module 2 Toxidrome
Module 3 Management of the poisoned or overdosed patient
Module 4 Laboratory principles
Module 5 Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics overview
Module 6 Administration, liberation, and absorption of toxicants
Module 7 Prevention of absorption from the gastrointestinal tract
Module 8 A Distribution and metabolism
Module 9 Elimination of toxicants
Module 10 Enhancement of elimination of toxicants
Module 11 Introduction to Occupational Toxicology

Criteria for successful completion include completing the individual essay assignments and scoring at least 70% on the overall score, participating in ongoing discussion board postings, and completing the evaluation forms for each module.

If you have additional questions about the content of this course, please contact the course instructor, Oliver Grundmann (, Clinical Assistant Professor.

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Required Materials:

Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies
Author: Lewis Goldfrank, Neal Flomenbaum, Neal Lewin, Mary Ann Howland, Robert Hoffman, Lewis Nelson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 8th edition (3/28/2006)
ISBN: 0071437630

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