General Toxicology
VME 6602 General Toxicology


This is a 3-credit course.


This 3-credit course, which is primarily book-based, is structured to comprehensively provide the student with the fundamental concepts of toxicology as they relate to specific organ and tissue systems. We aim to supplement this information with online study guides, detailed module objectives and critical thinking exercises.

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the procedures for using WWW resources for communication and educational purposes and to introduce students to the principles, concepts and terminology utilized in the field of toxicology. At the completion of this course students should:

  1. Understand the general principles of toxicology.
  2. Understand the scientific principles of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.
  3. Understand the principles and use of toxicokinetics.
  4. Understand the principles and concepts of mutagenesis and chemical carcinogenicity.
  5. Understand the principles and concepts related to reproductive and developmental toxicology.
  6. Understand the principles of Immunotoxicology, including the biology of the immune response, types of immune reactions and disorders, clinical and laboratory tests used in detecting immunotoxicity and knowledge of specific chemicals that adversely affect the immune system.
  7. Understand the principles and concepts of neurotoxicity; have knowledge of agents that affect neuronal and synaptic transmission and appropriate neurotoxicity evaluation methods.
  8. Understand the anatomy and physiology of the lungs, liver, skin, and kidneys, and the mechanisms of related organ toxicity, as well as evaluation methods of organ damage by toxic agents.
  9. Understand the principles and concepts behind chemically-induced toxicity of the blood.
  10. Understand the basic principles of risk assessment applications.
  11. Be able to use internet resources for communication and education purposes.


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Module Topic
Module 1 Principles of Toxicology
Module 2 Xenobiotic Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination
Module 3 Toxicokinetics
Module 4 Toxicity of the Hematopoietic System
Module 5 Hepatotoxicity
Module 6 Nephrotoxicity
Module 7 Neurotoxicity
Module 8 Dermatotoxicity
Module 9 Pulmonotoxicity
Module 10 Immunotoxicity
Module 11 Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity
Module 12 Mutagenesis and Genetic Toxicology
Module 13 Chemical Carcinogenesis
Module 14 Epidemiological Issues
Module 15 Human Health Risk Assessment

Getting Started

To get started, briefly introduce yourself via the bulletin board then go to the first module. Read through the course content and any required reading listed in the module introduction. Once you are familiar with the material, complete the assignment and quiz (where applicable). Do not hesitate to contact your teaching assistant (TA) or instructor at any time if you need guidance; if you are unsure about the focus of the assignment; if you have assignment questions or questions relating to the course content or quiz (where applicable). If you do not tell us you need help, we cannot help you.

Required Materials

Principles of Toxicology. Environmental and Industrial Applications, Third Edition.
Author: S.M. Roberts, R.C. James, Phillip L. Williams.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (2015)
ISBN: 978-0-470-90791-7

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