Online Master’s Degree Required Courses

Please read all the requirements below that you must follow on the road to graduation.

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Core-Required Courses

Course # Course title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6556 Introduction to Clinical Toxicology 3
PHA 6533 Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Clinical Toxicology 3
VME 6602 General Toxicology 3
PHA 6557 Clinical Toxicology 1 3
VME 6605 Toxic Substances 3
VME 6766 Laboratory QA/QC 3

Core-Required Courses must be completed before your final semester and should be completed before the Required Courses.

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6935 The Toxicology of Licit and Illicit Drugs of Abuse 3
PHA 6425 Drug Biotransformation and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity 3
PHA 6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 OR 3
PHA 6935 Biosecurity and Microbial Forensics 3
PHA 6354 Natural Medicinal Products OR 3
PHA 6534 Toxicology of Chemical Weapons OR 3
PHA 6357 Herbal and Dietary Supplements 3
PHA 6936 Literature Survey of Clinical Toxicology 1
PHA 6936 Special Topics in Clinical Toxicology 1

Required Courses can be taken in any order and any semester, however, Literature Survey and Special Topics must be taken in your final semester.

Elective Courses

Course # Course Title Credits Spring summer Fall
PHA 6563 Pathophysiology of Disease I 3
PHA 6564 Pathophysiology of Disease II 3
PHA 6532 Occupational Toxicology 3
PHA 6935 Evidence-Based Applications in Clinical Toxicology 3