Frequently Asked Questions

Student Resources

GatorOne ID Card

Distance students are eligible for an official UF Identification card, called a GatorOne ID. Please visit Gator1 Central for instructions on obtaining a Gator1 for distance education students.

Library Services

The University of Florida’s library system hosts one of the most comprehensive collections in the country. The Health Science Center Libraries, which serve the six Health Sciences Colleges, include extensive online offerings, allowing access from anywhere. Students are encouraged to visit the Library’s Webpage and familiarize themselves with the services offered.

UF ID Numbers

The University of Florida uses an 8-digit unique identifier system, called the UF ID, as a unique identification number for UF students, staff, faculty. When you applied to the University, you created this ID number, and it will not change. If you forget or cannot locate your eight-digit UFID, use the UFID Identifier.

UFL Email

Upon acceptance to the program, students create a Gatorlink ID, which becomes the major identifier used to access UF email, the e-Learning site, the course registration site, and other UF systems. The Gatorlink ID makes up the first part of the UFL email address (the part before All official UF and program communication will be sent to the student’s UF email account, and UF College of Pharmacy policy prohibits the forwarding of this account to non UF addresses. Thus, we expect that students will check their UF email accounts regularly.

You will sometimes receive email announcements directly from the UF Graduate School and other administrative offices besides our program office. Please pay close attention to these announcements, as they often provide important information about upcoming academic deadlines. If you have any questions about any of these announcements, please do not hesitate to contact us at

You will be able to set up your UFL Email account about 2 weeks after you have been admitted to the program. At this time, use the following instructions to set up your UFL Email. Use the Student Email Setup to setup and access your GatorCloud email inbox. Once you have set up your GatorCloud email inbox make sure your UF Business Email is set up to send to your email. Use these instructions to do this.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Students in the program are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all program coursework. Students failing to maintain this GPA may be placed on academic probation or dismissed from the program.
  • Grades lower than “C” will not be counted toward the student’s master’s degree, but will be included in the GPA calculation.
  • An overall and major GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for graduation from the graduate certificate or master’s degree at UF.

Graduate School policies

In accordance with University of Florida and College of Pharmacy policies, program students are also Graduate School students, and therefore must abide by all UF Graduate School policies.

Academic Integrity Standards

The Online MS Pharmacy Program, College of Pharmacy & the University of Florida believe academic honesty is a fundamental principle and that the process of learning and pursuit of knowledge is diminished by cheating, plagiarism and other acts of dishonesty.
Accordingly, students, faculty and administrators are responsible for maintaining the highest level of academic integrity at all times.
Plagiarism and other acts of academic dishonesty include:

  • STEALING (the work of others and passing off as your own).
  • MISQUOTING (changing or misrepresenting another’s words to make your own argument stronger).
  • INSUFFICIENT PARAPHRASING (changing another’s words without quoting the actual text).
  • DUPLICATING PUBLICATION (using the same work for credit in more than one course).

The consequences of academic dishonesty and plagiarism can include:

  • Written reprimand.
  • Reduced or failing grade.
  • Suspension from the program / University.
  • Expulsion from the program / University.

To help students maintain academic honesty throughout the program, we offer the following resources:

Technical Support

For UF Student software licensing services click here. For hardware specifications please check below:

Canvas Supported Browsers

For further technical assistance, please do not hesitate to email

Receiving an Incomplete in a Course

  • Incompletes are only awarded under specific circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor and can be requested after the drop/add deadline at any point in the semester.
  • You must contact the instructor of the course in which you would like to request an Incomplete (I). The instructors will then give you any further instructions.
  • It is not guaranteed that an Incomplete will be granted.
  • Incomplete grades may impact your financial aid status.  Contact your financial aid advisor for further information.


Transcripts are not automatically sent to the student after each term and must be requested by the student.

  • Unofficial transcripts:
    • Go to ONE.UF > click on “Transcripts” > click on “Unofficial Transcript”
    • If you have graduated or not taken courses for more than a term, you will not have access to the unofficial electronic transcript.
  • Official transcripts
    • Go to ONE.UF > click on “Transcripts” > click on “Order a Transcript” > follow transcript ordering instructions.


How do I register?

Students in the Online Program will NOT use the University’s ONE.UF  system to register for classes. They will instead request registrations for courses on the Register tab  of the program website. The program will verify eligibility, and then process the request officially into ONE.UF within 3-5 business days. 

How do I confirm I am registered?

Check your schedule on One.UF


Every semester a Registration Preparation Hold, Local Address Information Hold, and Emergency Contact Hold are placed on all University of Florida student accounts. These holds need to be cleared by the student in One.UF before the student can have access to his or her course(s).

If you have an Immunization Hold, it does not apply to you. You do not need to have your immunization records sent to the University of Florida. The distance education registration team will ask the University of Florida registrar to have this hold removed for you internally. If you have any additional holds please contact us at

All certificate and master’s students are required to complete training on Sexual Assault Prevention and Alcohol Use.  See more information regarding these trainings.

Accessing Courses

  • You will be able to access your course through our e-learning site, also known as Canvas .
  • You may be able to see your course title in Canvas before the first day of classes, but you will not be able to view course materials until classes officially begin.

Dropping a Course 

Students may drop their course without becoming fee-liable for the course if it is before the drop/add deadline. The course will not show on transcripts and it will be as though the student was never registered for the course.

  • Complete the Course Drop Form
  • You cannot drop your course by contacting your course instructor.
  • Failure to pay or failure to log into your course WILL NOT drop you from the course

Enrollment Verification

Students may need enrollment verification to prove to a loan company or employer that they are enrolled in courses. To show, or prove, enrollment in a course, visit the registrar’s enrollment certification page after the drop/add period.

Choosing How Many Credits to Take

  • We suggest that student who are working full-time take no more than 6-7 credits each semester.
  • Nine credits is considered full-time for graduate students in the fall and spring terms.  Anything above nine credits is considered a heavy course load and is generally not recommended.
  • If you are receiving financial aid:
    • Fall or spring semester, you MUST register for at least FIVE credits to receive financial aid.
    • Summer semester, you MUST register for at least FOUR credits to receive financial aid


Semester Organization

Our program runs by semester: Spring (January – April), Summer (May – August) and Fall (August – December). Students are accepted year-round.

Truly an Online Program 

All courses are conducted online with no campus visit requirement.


The GRE is not required for admissions.

Admissions deadlines

See critical dates for admissions deadlines


The University of Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral degrees. The University of Florida also may offer credentials such as certificates and diplomas at approved degree levels. Questions about the accreditation of the University of Florida may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website (

Tuition & Financial Aid

How much does the program cost?

Tuition is $575 per credit hour plus fees for all students, regardless of location. This tuition rate is subject to change.  Non-degree and Certificate will pay Capital Improvement/Technology fees. M.S. students will pay Capital Improvement/Technology/Financial Aid fees. 

See more information

Do you accept state tuition waivers?

Our program does not accept the UF EEP or Florida State Tuition Waiver. We are an off-book program and do not receive funds from these programs.

How do I pay for my courses?

Students may pay tuition via credit card, electronic check, or paper check. Note that a processing fee is assessed for credit card payments. Payments can be made approximately three weeks before the semester begins.

To view and pay your charges, log into One.UF with your Gatorlink credentials.  Click Make a Payment under Campus Finances.

I need proof of my tuition for an employer or other reimbursement

To prove your tuition charges for the purposes of reimbursement, print your tuition statement through One.UF.  Click View My Account under Campus Finances, then View Tuition Statement

Financial Aid

Master’s degree students are eligible for private and federal loans. Graduate certificate students are not eligible for federal financial aid but may be eligible for private loans. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal or private loans. Please contact our Financial Aid Coordinator about possible private student loan eligibility.

Students seeking Federal Student Loans should complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application as early as possible.

Financial aid applicants are responsible for ensuring the timely completion of several steps through FAFSA and UF’s One.UF in order for funds to be disbursed by the tuition due date.

  • Minimum credits for eligibility for financial aid:
    • Fall & spring = 5 credits
    • Summer = 4 credits

Students with questions regarding financial aid, should contact the College of Pharmacy’s Financial Aid Coordinator.

Karina Woodward
Financial Aid Coordinator

VA Benefits

For information regarding the use of G.I. Bill or VA Tuition Assistance to pay for tuition, please contact or visit