Pathophysiology of Disease II
PHA 6564 Pathophysiology of Disease II

This course will be offered in Fall 2024.


This is a 3-credit course.


The Pathophysiology of Disease II is a 3-credit course that provides students with an integrated understanding of pathological changes pertinent to the development and progression of various diseases.  The basics of immunology, gastrointestinal system, neurological system and endocrine system will be discussed in addition to the relevant disease states caused by pathophysiological abnormalities.


Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Biology I and II. PHA6563 Pathophysiology of Disease I (Please contact the instructor at to see if you are eligible to get a waiver for this course requirement)


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between the mediators for innate and adaptive immunity and describe their involvement in immune responses
  2. Discuss the roles of various mediators in the inflammatory responses
  3. Describe how the gastrointestinal system functions and the pathophysiology of common gastrointestinal disorders related to disruption of motility, absorption or secretion.
  4. Describe the endocrine factors contributing to regulation of appetite and satiety
  5. Describe the pathophysiology of the neurological system including the following: excitatory and inhibitory amino acids, neurotransmitters, and sensory processing.
  6. Discuss the neurocircuitry for movement regulation and the pathophysiology related to movement disorders.
  7. Describe the brain blood supply system and the pathophysiology related to stroke development.
  8. Describe the endocrine control of: male and female reproduction and growth
  9. Describe endocrine control of calcium homeostasis.
  10. Describe endocrine control of thyroid hormone.
  11. Describe endocrine control of glucose and lipids.
  12. Discuss the pathophysiology of glucose and lipid metabolism in main types of diabetes.


Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction to the course; Immune Function and Inflammatory Response
Module 2 Gastrointestinal System
Module 3 Neurological System Part I
Module 4 Neurological System Part II
Module 5 Endocrine System Part 1
Module 6 Endocrine System Part II

Criteria for successful completion include completing the quizzes, individual essay assignments, course reflection and scoring at least 69.5% on the overall score.


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