Pathophysiology of Disease I
PHA 6563 Pathophysiology of Disease I


This is a 3-credit course.


Pathophysiology of Disease I is a 3 credit course that provides students with an integrated understanding of pathological changes pertinent to the development and progression of various diseases, thereby building the foundational knowledge needed to understand drug treatment of these various disease states. The basics of cellular function, the cardiovascular system, the renal system and the respiratory system will be discussed, as well as dysfunction of these organ systems and diseases that arise from such dysfunction.


Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Biology I and II.


  1. Discuss the primary principles of cell theory, ion channels, equilibrium potentials, and the resting membrane potential.
  2. Explain the ionic basis of the action potential in various types of excitable cells.
  3. Explain primary neuromuscular functions and related diseases.
  4. Discuss basic anatomy and physiology of the autonomic nervous system.
  5. Explain neural, endocrine and local mechanisms involved in regulation of cardiac and vascular function.
  6. Explain relationship of cardiovascular disease to underlying pathophysiology of valves, cardiac conduction, cardiac performance or vascular dysfunction.
  7. Explain renal mechanisms maintaining water and sodium homeostasis.
  8. Apply knowledge of renal function to explain the pathophysiology involving fluid and electrolyte imbalances that accompany acute and chronic renal dysfunction
  9. Explain mechanisms of control of respiration
  10. Establish a basic understanding of tumorigenesis, metastasis and diagnosis
  11. Discuss the impact of pulmonary tumors on respiratory functions


Module Topic
Module 1 Introduction to the Course and review of Cell Function and Membrane Structure, Autonomic Nervous System, Muscle Function & Pathophysiology
Module 2 Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Part 1
Module 3 Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Part 2
Module 4 Renal Pathophysiology Part 1
Module 5 Renal Pathophysiology Part 2
Module 6 Respiratory Pathophysiology

Criteria for successful completion include completing the quizzes, individual essay assignments, course reflection and scoring at least 69.5% on the overall score.

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