Introducing Course Completion Badges via Badgr

Students can now start earning digital badges, as you complete your Clintox coursework, with Badgr. We hope that these digital badges will help students showcase their qualifications and achieve career success during their studies and beyond. 

Social Share badgr

Digital badges are a form of micro-credentials that allow students to share their accomplishments with other students, employers and their connections. They also provide proof of completion of coursework, which in this case is beneficial to showcasing skill sets to both current and future employers.

Through Badgr students can create a free account that will house all of their awarded badges, and link their Badgr accounts to their social profiles such as Facebook and Linkedin to share their accomplishments with their networks.

Currently we are offering a badge for PHA 6556 Introduction to Clinical Toxicology and PHA 6935 Occupational Toxicology  for students who passed the course in fall 2021 and future semesters.

Badgr Criteria